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Terms and Conditions

  1. We reserve the right not to iron certain items, such as dirty, damaged or shiny items. These items will be returned unironed to avoid misunderstanding.
  2. All adult garments such as shirts, blouses are returned on hangers unless otherwise requested.
  3. Any items that are not put on hangers will be neatly folded and placed back in the bag once ironed.
  4. Items will be returned within 24 hours unless circumstances beyond our control occur.
  5. All ironing is done in a clean, smoke free, pet free environment to ensure the freshness of your laundry.
  6. In the unlikely event of items becoming damaged during ironing our compensation is limited to the value of the item up to a maximum of £60 per item.
  7. If a customer is not home at the mutually agreed collection or delivery time, we reserve the right to charge £5 compensation.
  8. Payment in full is due on delivery of your ironing. We accept payment by cash or a personal cheque supported by a valid cheque guarantee card.
  9. We may place a barcode tag on your garment (usually shirts & bed linen) to facilitate processing through our systems. Barcode would be placed in a discrete location.